Golf Course Irrigation

With our collective education and professional backgrounds, we offer a specialized range of services encompassing the field of Design, Engineering and Science. The important philosophy of the Evergreen Adcon team resides in a strong commitment as an unbiased firm. As a professional Irrigation Consultant, we do not promote any specific brand or not have any ties to any manufacturer or any contractor.

Irrigation Audit

Irrigation Audit tells the client about the how efficient is the existing irrigation system. There are certain standard procedures to evaluate the efficiency of the existing irrigation system. It includes following:

  • Theoretical Water Requirement Based on The Region
  • Water Application Rate Verification Based on The Emitting Device
  • Verification of Precipitation Rates (Sprayers & Rotors)
  • Measurement of Head Availability At Rotor
  • Verification of Zoning Concept

Landscape Irrigation

This is one of the most required irrigation practices in the GCC region. This is not limited to commercial projects as it is a need for man-made greenery.

Landscape Irrigation is not only about the watering; it is about taking irrigation practices to an efficient level. As ground water is depleting faster and there is limitation about the irrigation water availability.

We incorporate our best engineering practices and follow wisely the regional government guideline to use water. We provide suggestions to use alternate source of water leaving minimal carbon foot prints.

We take care of specific needs for athletic fields and golf courses.  

Sub Surface Drainage for Sports Pitches

Unlock the full potential of your sports pitches with our cutting-edge Sub-Surface Drainage solutions. Say goodbye to waterlogged fields and hello to optimal playing conditions. Our Sub-Surface Drainage Design Provides a reliable and sustainable solution.

Mistscape - Cool & Soothe

Misting & Fogging is a unique method of cooling (generating fog) in confined or unconfined space to water features, patios, walk ways & garden areas.

Misting is one of the economical ways to suppress dust in industrial units.

High Pressure Misting Systems: High Pressure Misting or fogging systems operate at pressures starting at 800 psi going as high as 1200 psi. At these pressures, we are able to create a super fine fog/mist that quickly and effectively flash absorbing huge amounts of heat quickly and effectively cooling the environment.

Pools & Water Features

Evergreen Adcon is committed to support architects & engineers for the design of new swimming pool and water features in the projects.

We specialize in innovative designs for pools and articulated water features. We believe that we bring following values as-

Hydraulic Modeling

Hydraulic Modeling & Analysis of Existing or New Pipe Line Network

Hydraulic Modeling is an advanced engineering practice to design a complex water pipe line network to ensure its durable design.

The hydraulic modeling can be done for a new pipe line network or to an existing pipe line network. It is useful to verify the pipe line network’s failure w.r.t. different aspects such as surge test, stress test etc.