Golf Course Irrigation

With our collective education and professional backgrounds, we offer a specialized range of services encompassing the field of Design, Engineering and Science.

The important philosophy of the Evergreen Adcon team resides in a strong commitment as an unbiased firm. As a professional Irrigation Consultant, we do not promote any specific brand or not have any ties to any manufacturer or any contractor.

The goal of our design is to deliver a friendly operational system that could last for a stipulated period of time.  

For every project, we believe that our part is jewel of that project. So we deploy our practices. We feel that the benefits of our services to every project are:


Independent opinions


Bespoke solution for every project


On time delivery of project

Experienced and qualified designers

Our Services

Design-Build Performance and specification

Conceptual designs and Engineering Designs

Project Manuals

Manufacturers and supplier list

Consultation Services

Pre Bid Meeting with contractors

Review of Bids

Reviewing Submittals

Onsite Work Inspections

Reviewing RFI’s

Payment Application Reviews

Project Hand-Out Documents