Landscape, Abu Dhabi


A landscape professional has a significant role when it comes for sustainable landscape and sustainable irrigation. The literal meaning of sustainable irrigation is sustainable irrigation can help protect habitat, contribute to storm water management, reduce fossil fuel usage and conserve water.

An Irrigation Consultant achieves the Sustainable Irrigation by-

  • Using recycled water/ Air-conditioned condensate water/ Storm water
  • Complete observation of site
  • Smart Irrigation Design
  • Minimize the various losses
  • Using better water control

Using recycled water is no doubt, a good way to dispose waste water but sometimes, I also felt these situations in projects-

  • Health problem related to pathogens and improperly treated waste water
  • Social concerns- After all it looks un-holistic for residential projects

Always a tailor made solution should be prepared based on geography, climatic condition and other

Over-grown grass

local dominant factors. As Sustainable Irrigation is a practice. A windy site (Al Ain/ Abu Dhabi Regions) always burry Pop-Up Sprinkler and eventually resulting in malfunction of system. So it is recommended to use subsurface irrigation system as it saves water as well as electricity. Always perform actual water budgeting based site and grown landscape condition. There are some factors which affect your significant water consumption.

Perform pressure availability check gives you more information about the landscape. Micro-climate of landscape significantly affects the water consumption. Then by using flow sensor, weather station and hybrid controller the water need can be managed up-to an extent.

Recommend Upgrades

The documented age of irrigation system is considered as much as 20 yrs if maintained properly. So always follow best irrigation management technique.

  • Manual shut-off valves are recommended. Such valves should be situated as close as possible to the point of connection of the water supply to minimize water loss in case of an emergency, such as water line break, or routine repair.
  • Hydraulic Zoning is a design tool to do an efficient irrigation in any residential or commercial landscape project.

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