Flood Devastated Golf Course


REDEVELOPMENT OF GOLF LANDSCAPE It is quite costly matter to maintain a landscaped area or golf course. The need of redevelopment may be due to 1) Natural damage to the landscape, 2) Change in the complete landscape etc. Now we discuss primarily about the irrigation and water distribution networks.

The basic challenges can be considered as 1) Removal of existing damaged irrigation system, 2) Cost control for new irrigation system.  The redevelopment work is not limited to using the salvaged irrigation material and to design the irrigation system to increase the efficiency.

The following considerations we do while working on any new or redevelopment works- 1. Revised Landscape considerations 2. Mitigate the causes of redevelopment, if applicable 3. A Balanced hydraulic design for piping networks 4. Use of latest technology such as Top Serviceable Sprinkler (Golf Course), Advanced Irrigation Controller equipped with flow control, weather station, leak detection etc.

HOW DOES THE PROCESS CONTINUE? That includes 1. Agency Approvals 2. Design Development 3. Construction Documents 4. Tendering 5. Construction In summary, whilst the redevelopment will result in upgraded technology equipped Golf Course. 


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