Fountain and

Water Feature

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If you are a contractor, architect or someone who is interested in the technical process of we do at Evergreenadcon, here is more information that will give you an insight, and how we handles a project. Evergreenadcon acts exclusively as a MEP consultant, and like most consulting firms is structured for consultation, design development, construction document production, and construction administration. As such, we are dedicated team for architects and their clients.


Design Development
  • Schematic piping diagram
  • Equipment space layout plan
  • Pool fitting location plan
  • Site electrical lighting layout plan (if required)
  • Single line electrical power diagram
  • Performance specification for fountain control system
  • Fountain Plumbing and Electrical specifications comprising 40-60 pages
  • Installation Specifications and Manuals
  • Manufacturers and Suppliers Lists


Our Construction Administration services include
  • Pre-Bid Meetings with Contractors and Owners
  • The review of fountain mechanical and electrical submittals
  • Assistance with RFIs, clarifications and change orders
  • On-site review of construction, assistance with adjustments, troubleshooting, and instruction of maintenance personnel
  • Project Closeout and Final Inspections
  • Site visits are always followed with a comprehensive report and punch list